How to build a wall fence

After all the ingredients are collected, it’s time to make a wall fence. The stages of how to create a wall fence are the info below that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit as well.

As with how to build a home foundation, the first thing you do is to limit the work area. This is a common thing done when doing the building work to keep the quality of work remain neat and in accordance with the work drawings. After that, the ground is crushed in accordance with the limit to build the foundation of the fence.

Once the foundation is completely dry, you can start the job by filtering the sand and gravel using the filter tool. Make sure it is completely separate and fine sand. Remove the remnants of gravel in the space provided to keep the work area clean and comfortable.

Once done, mix the sand with cement. Mix them together evenly. This mixture then you use to arrange bricks/bricks on the wall.

Easy is not it? Alternatively, you can create a fence in a second way, namely:

After digging the soil and marking the work area, dig the soil to create a dike or wall of a fence that forms a vertical upward. Then place two wooden blocks on either side of the wall of the fence as a barrier. Put the rebar up to form a mold for your wall railing.

Stir the cement and then put in the wooden mold. After that, make a mold to create a milestone between the vertical wall of the fence. Attach the beam on both sides of the wall so that the pavement or wall horizontal fence becomes stronger. After that, put stir the cement into the mold.

You can wait until dry and the walls are ready for use. Make sure the walls are completely dry before you remove the buffer walls and wooden beams.

The design of this fence is actually quite popular and much preferred by the community. The reason is that this fence provides a sense of security and protects privacy. In addition, development costs are quite affordable. Suitable not as a cost-saving build your own home?