Improving the durability of your wooden fences

One of the disadvantages of using wood fences is its durability. Wooden fences are relatively more easily damaged (due to weather, water or other factors) when compared to concrete or iron fences. Especially if we make a wooden fence with makeshift wood, or not using wood with qualified qualities like the ironwood. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit The Woodlands fence company when you require the professional fencing services.

Because indeed, the price of quality wood (such as Ulin wood) is very expensive. When compared to the cost of making a fence with concrete or iron, it could be more expensive many times over.

But, there are some tips you can do to make a durable wooden fence.

Use the Exterior Cat

Use paint to coat your wooden fence. Wooden fences with paint tend to be more durable than without paint. Choose a weather-specific exterior special paint that is weatherproof.

If you want the artistic value of the wood texture to remain visible and show a natural impression, use paint with a transparent color. This type of paint will not cover the color and texture of the wood tightly, so the wood fibers will still be visible.

Besides resistant to weather, choose a paint that can provide protection against UV rays, such as the politur paint specialize for the outdoors. Melamic paint is not quite used as a wooden fence coating because it does not have UV light protection resulting from color pigments.

The use of transparent paint on the fence aims to protect the wood from UV rays on its surface. The result, the wood will not quickly decay and experienced a change of color. Wood colored brown when gradually exposed to light can turn into grayish.

Painting of the fence should be repeated every year, or within a certain period depending on the situation.

Give Distance Between each wooden fence

If it’s noticed, the most rapidly damaged part of the wooden fence is the bottom, closest to the ground. Assuming we do not use ironwood or ironwood, or other wood materials that have a friendly nature with water.

For that, in making a wooden fence, you need to consider the distance between the ground surface with the bottom of the wooden fence to make the fence more durable.