Tips on Easy Packing Hajj Travel

When it comes to packing the needs for your Hajj or Umrah, you must ensure everything will be done in the right way, right? Do you get the best service or hajj and umrah package from As said before, there are so many things to consider and prepare for your journey while doing worship in a holy land.

At least the pilgrims need 40 days to perform the pilgrimage in the Holy Land. During the same time, it takes a lot of goods to meet the needs. In order not to carry too many luggage, try applying the right packing tips. For example, rolling clothes rather than folding ordinary so that the suitcase can be filled with more efficient. Prioritize also more important items to carry. You can learn from the experience of relatives and relatives who had already been to the Holy Land. In addition, try to pack in advance, while making sure the important items have been carried.

The difference between the law of umrah and hajj

Hajj has a mandatory law, for those who have been able to carry it out. Able in the sense of covering many things, that is capable in terms of material to depart and for abandoned families, able in terms of physical, and psychological conditions. As for the umrah, some scholars say mandatory (for the capable) but there are also some who say this umrah worship is punishable sunnah muakad. Meanwhile, you can visit to find the recommended deals for umrah.

Differences Hajj and umroh this can increase our knowledge to make worship becomes lighter and easier in living it. The very important thing we notice when performing Umrah or Hajj in the holy land is that someone who travels this straightened his intention to worship, and not to shop.

Although we can shop a lot of goods there, we recommend not to shopping excessively. Predicate Hajj will be given to those who have done the pilgrimage, while for those who perform Umrah worship will not get this predicate. However, with the right knowledge we will not be angry when returning from the holy land and people do not add the predicate of Hajj to us. It is also one of the differences of Hajj and Umrah.