Maximizing your face and expression for selfies

If you want to take photos of the face from close range, Do not forget to apply makeup or make up the face so that other faces do not stand out as well .. This method is quite effective and includes the most popular selfie style in the country, especially if there is one part of the face very proud of you. In the meantime, perhaps you want to check out the high-quality ring lights at for your selfies.

For example, if you like the part of your eyes, dress the part with mascara and have eyeshadow. On the other hand show a natural lip color. You will notice that you’ve become prettier especially if you pose and expression a little adorable, Hmmm .. you will be looking beautiful and cute sure

Similarly, if it’s a smile, your most beautiful part, keep your cheeks and eyes that look natural and use matching lipsticks.

You will look interesting with a smile selfie photo! If you have a serious nature, a relaxed and calm facial expression can also produce great photos.

You can also try different smiles. A coy smile with his mouth closed, The way this selfie photo is just as good as laughing broadly. After all, a smile is one of the most liked and interesting expressions you can use for selfie photos.