Pixlr Is A Sophisticated Web-Based Photo Editor

There are many situations where we are not in front of a personal computer so access to photoshop or Lightroom does not exist. Often also we are lazy to open the photo editor application heavy-weight as mentioned above. When like this, if you have internet access, please open Pixlr Editor in your computer browser wherever you are. You can visit our website to see that i use pixlr editor to create my images.

Pixlr is a powerful, free and accessible photo editor wherever we are as long as there are internet and computer. This app is web-based, so you need a browser like a firefox, chrome, internet explorer and the like. The features offered and their interface mimics photoshop, and for the size of a free web application, Pixlr is very satisfactory. We have adjustment tool like curve, contrast, brightness. We can access a fairly complete filter like a Gaussian blur, unsharp mask until the poster.

So save the Pixlr Editor address in your bookmarks, when you need a reliable editor that can be accessed anywhere visit the address. Pixlr also has apps for smartphones and tablets, the Pixlr Express. With Pixlr, you can edit images as you like. The operation is easy, not much different from Photoshop. To be able to use Pixlr, of course, there must be an internet connection and do not forget also, the computer that you used must have been installed Flash Player.

Although Pixlr has many advantages, Pixlr is able to load images from your computer that has any size with a time that is not up to 2 seconds even though the internet connection is not too fast, in addition, the database font is also quite a lot. And another, The edited image with Pixlr has a small file size even though the image size and resolution are quite large.