How to build a wall fence

After all the ingredients are collected, it’s time to make a wall fence. The stages of how to create a wall fence are the info below that we’re going to share with you. Meanwhile, don’t forget to visit as well.

As with how to build a home foundation, the first thing you do is to limit the work area. This is a common thing done when doing the building work to keep the quality of work remain neat and in accordance with the work drawings. After that, the ground is crushed in accordance with the limit to build the foundation of the fence.

Once the foundation is completely dry, you can start the job by filtering the sand and gravel using the filter tool. Make sure it is completely separate and fine sand. Remove the remnants of gravel in the space provided to keep the work area clean and comfortable.

Once done, mix the sand with cement. Mix them together evenly. This mixture then you use to arrange bricks/bricks on the wall.

Easy is not it? Alternatively, you can create a fence in a second way, namely:

After digging the soil and marking the work area, dig the soil to create a dike or wall of a fence that forms a vertical upward. Then place two wooden blocks on either side of the wall of the fence as a barrier. Put the rebar up to form a mold for your wall railing.

Stir the cement and then put in the wooden mold. After that, make a mold to create a milestone between the vertical wall of the fence. Attach the beam on both sides of the wall so that the pavement or wall horizontal fence becomes stronger. After that, put stir the cement into the mold.

You can wait until dry and the walls are ready for use. Make sure the walls are completely dry before you remove the buffer walls and wooden beams.

The design of this fence is actually quite popular and much preferred by the community. The reason is that this fence provides a sense of security and protects privacy. In addition, development costs are quite affordable. Suitable not as a cost-saving build your own home?

Tips for designing the home fences

Confused choosing the best home fence design? let’s share the tips here, choosing the best design should not be in a hurry, before designing the design of the fence, it is better to know in advance about the ins and outs of the design of the fence of the house, ranging from its main function, where the design is mixed with home architecture models and which are not suitable. The attractive design of the fence will give a positive impression on the house inside. Although our house is simple, the look of a charming fence design house will slightly cover it. It is important to design an attractive fence design to give the first impression of others before a visit to our dream home. Apart from that, you may want to visit Cypress fence company to check out the trusted fencing service near your area.

Here are some guiding tips before choosing the right home fence design for house building:

1. We find out the main function of the house fence, which is in addition to giving the impression of aesthetics, the fence is also useful to protect the house from unwanted things, such as wild animals, robbers, destruction of plants and pages and so forth. The main function of the fence is to protect what is in it, therefore before choosing a house fence design for your home building, fulfill the main function of the fence.

2. For those of you who live in rural areas, generally, the fence of the house is not a major need of buildings in the area. Some rural people think that if the house is given a fence, it gives the impression that the owner is stingy and is afraid that the contents of the fence will be disturbed by others. Therefore, if you still want to use the fence, use the choice of low fence design, both wood and stone, add a more artistic impression.

3. Note the size and shape of your home. If your house building is low, do not wear high fence design, but adjusted to the height of the house.

Choose a type of house fence made from durable, if not stone, you can choose the basic materials of wood or bamboo by coating the materials with a paint to maintain the durability of these materials.

Improving the durability of your wooden fences

One of the disadvantages of using wood fences is its durability. Wooden fences are relatively more easily damaged (due to weather, water or other factors) when compared to concrete or iron fences. Especially if we make a wooden fence with makeshift wood, or not using wood with qualified qualities like the ironwood. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit The Woodlands fence company when you require the professional fencing services.

Because indeed, the price of quality wood (such as Ulin wood) is very expensive. When compared to the cost of making a fence with concrete or iron, it could be more expensive many times over.

But, there are some tips you can do to make a durable wooden fence.

Use the Exterior Cat

Use paint to coat your wooden fence. Wooden fences with paint tend to be more durable than without paint. Choose a weather-specific exterior special paint that is weatherproof.

If you want the artistic value of the wood texture to remain visible and show a natural impression, use paint with a transparent color. This type of paint will not cover the color and texture of the wood tightly, so the wood fibers will still be visible.

Besides resistant to weather, choose a paint that can provide protection against UV rays, such as the politur paint specialize for the outdoors. Melamic paint is not quite used as a wooden fence coating because it does not have UV light protection resulting from color pigments.

The use of transparent paint on the fence aims to protect the wood from UV rays on its surface. The result, the wood will not quickly decay and experienced a change of color. Wood colored brown when gradually exposed to light can turn into grayish.

Painting of the fence should be repeated every year, or within a certain period depending on the situation.

Give Distance Between each wooden fence

If it’s noticed, the most rapidly damaged part of the wooden fence is the bottom, closest to the ground. Assuming we do not use ironwood or ironwood, or other wood materials that have a friendly nature with water.

For that, in making a wooden fence, you need to consider the distance between the ground surface with the bottom of the wooden fence to make the fence more durable.